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American Association of Medical Coding Professionals

For those that want to make 2023 a life changing year,

see the offer at the bottom of the page.

This page is dedicated to providng American Medical Coders and related roles with thorough training on self determined income options.

For our main site please visit AAOMCP.


For many, making ends meet is a constant struggle.

It simply should not be that way and does not need to be that way.


We can show those with the desire and the commitment

how to achieve greater income earning.

Other motivating factors include unpleasant work organization culture, role dissatisfaction, lack of employment options,

and work/life balance.

The simple fact is, knowing your options and how to implement them can help you achieve the relief and reward you deserve.

$100,000 a year?


It is Impossible for those that believe that it is

It is highly achievable

for the determined and purposeful


We offer a program that educates those with the desire for more, from both career and in lifestyle,
access to complete guidance and instruction on how to achieve more.

Who Is The Program Right For

  • Those that seek the full reward of their effort and expertise
  • Those With A Positive Attitude
  • Those That Are Self Motivated
  • Those That Desire Self Determination
  • Will Work For Success
  • Want To Learn
  • Possess Self Discipline
  • Inspired

I can

I will

I want more

Tell me more

Show me how


 Will make that “for me” purchase they have been putting off.



Who Is Program Not Right For

  • Those that wish to rely on and depend on others for what they may receive
  • Looking For Instant Results
  • Unmotivated
  • Negative Mindset
  • Procrastinator
  • Depends On Others
  • Camplacent
  • Uninspired
  • Will not invest in themselves

I can’t

I don’t want to

It’s a scam

It’s too hard


“Can’t afford it” with streaming subscriptions costing $88 – $240 annually with no return on the investment. 

All skill and experience levels

Part-Time or Full Time

Options to fit all areas of interest

Options with much provided for you

Options of less than 5 hours a week

Independent Contractor Opportunities

Anything you can do for him

You can do for you!

A/R Follow Up Case Study

Kerri had years of experience as a Medical Biller. She had worked for the same medical practice for 11 years and had not received a raise from her $17.00 an hour in 5 years.

Kerri started contacting medical providers offering to work all accounts that had aged over 90 days for a flat fee of $50 a week.

Within 2 months she had 21 clients. She works between 15-20 hours a week. The $50 a week for 21 clients is a current annualized income of $54,600. At $17.00 an hour she was making just $35,360 per year. When she reaches her target of 39 clients she will be earning $101,400 per year. Almost 3 times her previous income. Some of her clients have added additional services for additional income.

Kerri applied the knowledge and strategies she learned from AAOMCP.

Audit Case Study

Kimberly had worked in Risk Adjustment / HCC Coding for over a decade. Despite having a great deal of experience, she was unable to find a suitable position beyond a line production coder. With this came a combination of mandatory overtime at some times and workless periods at others. While her production was always exceptional, she would sometimes be scored negatively on QA reviews incorrectly. Often by less experienced reviewers that were themselves incorrect.

Kimberly reviewed Risk Score data available at CMS and found medical providers with Risk Scores that were indicative of various discrepancies. She now provides monthly audits for a number of providers, and this has led to Provider Education and other services in addition to the audits. 

Kimberly was making $25 an hour. She is now making $60 an hour performing audits plus additional earning for Education and other requested services. Kimberly is on pace to make $135,000 this year.

Coaching Case Study

Maureen has been in Medical Coding since 1999. She has held a number of positions from Medical Coder to Supervisor, Manager, and Director. It has been some time since she has been able to do what she truly loves and that is help develop Medical Coders of all levels.

Maureen became a Medical Coding Coach and Mentor. She spends 2 hours a week conducting internet based coding sessions. She also provides online practice charts and assessments. She works about 5 hours a week on these tasks and thi year she will earn $85,000 in addition to he full time income.

Courses Case Study

Julie passed her certification exam 18 months ago. However, due to her lack of experience and the extra letter after her certification, she was unable to find a suitable position. She is active on LinkedIn and other media and she began to promote courses for others. She works at this about 10 hours a week and she will make approximately $70,000 this year. She has also developed relationships that connect her to work opportunities that she had not been able to find through traditional postings.  

The personal achievements above are just a few examples of the world of opportunity available to those that seek more. More earning, more time for life, more satisfaction, and more control over their careers.

All have 3 things in common.

  1. They embraced the reality that they could be in control of their work and earning.
  2. They learned the skills that they needed to be able do exercise the options that allowed them to follow their passions.
  3. They realized that they had not been truly selling their knowledge and skills. They had simply been selling their time, hour by hour, and in doing so allowed others to completely control every aspect of their professional life.

Each decided to take their knowledge and skills back and sell these at their true fair value. Each works less hours and each makes more. And, each is far happier than ever.

Income Formula Examples

40 clients paying $50 a week

will earn $104,000 a year.

Goal of $100,000 a year

$2,000 per year per state (average)


$166 per month per state

This is used for illustration

$332 per month in 26 states or $664 per month in 13 states would reach the same goal.

This can be accomplished by any combination of options. For example, Coaching and Audits. Or, Provider Education and Remote Coding.

Presentations such as webinars or recorded and on demand lectures.

2 per week

To earn $100,000 from 104 presentations, earning of an average of $961.54 per year per presentation would meet this expectation. Or, about $80 per month per presentation. At $10 per presentation, that would be 8 purchases of each presentation per month.

Incredibly achievable. 



9 clients paying $1,000 a month for a service would generate $108,000

An $18.00 an hour employee would cost an employer $2880.00 per month or more.

A $22.00 an hour employee would be $3,500 or more per month for an employer.

Finding the right combination of deliverable, interest / expertise, and time needed can lead to great income.

What You Will Learn

Getting Started

Start to Finish course on setting up your own enterprise

  • What
  • How
  • Essentials
  • Checklists
  • and more

Identifying Opportunity

Fast Track to success.

Learn how and where to find opportunity.

How to evaluate viable pursuits.

How to successfully engage clients or customers.


Discover the tools needed for every aspect of your process from daily necessities to specific work product needs.

Contracting and SOW

All you need to know and resources for agreements and contracts as well as Compliance such as HIPAA.

SOW – Scope of Work


How to enjoy your first success and build upon it for a prosperous, rewarding, and fulfilling new life.

Understanding that regardless of your expertise, experience, and worth, this is not what you sell to an employer.

The product that you sell is your most precious asset. Time.

Turning over all control of that time and waiving the value derived from it.

No employer takes a loss on the time of an employee. If they did they would not enter into that agreement. The employee absorbs that disparity in every case without exception.


Overcoming what the overwhelming majority are groomed and conditioned to believe from the earliest ages. Discovering the potential of YOU! 


Debunking myths and flawed logic that many of us possess. 

CMS provides a Diamond Mine of information

A tool that the “Big” organizations use in their success

You can too!

Thousands and thousands of Providers have project based needs just waiting for the driven to assist them with

One of our members has over 50 successful client engagements

You can too!

Below are just some of the nearly endless concepts that provide considerable opportunity.

The time commitments and income potential are estimates only and should not be inferred as a guarantee.

Results are dependent on the effort and actions put forth by the professional as an individual.

We Can Show You How If You Allow Us The Privilege Of Doing So!

Key Reminders

The list above is not all inclusive. If you can think it, you can do it
While the figures are estimates, as stated, they are grounded in sound and sensible projections and this is covered in the course.

Compare The Value Of A Few Hours Per Week

Started In A Garage

Could Not Have Predicted The Level Of Success

Started – Built – Persisted

Don’t look back and wonder “What if?”

Seize your opportunity to have options.

Often times in life, advance knowledge proves invaluable.

The offer here places every and full advantage in reach to every Professional.

The only way that one can fail to earn a return on this modest investment is to fail to take action.

The Following 2 Registration Options Are Offered Through December 17, 2022 ONLY!

The program will then be $300

(Website build and hosting will be additional)


Start Your Journey To Reward And Prosperity


Time Before Program Price Is $300








Imagine Never Having To Say:

“There is no advancement in my organization”

“My workplace is so stressful”

“I am worth more than this”

“They want more and more from me with no more compensation”

“Laid off …… again”

“I don’t get paid til next week”

“I can’t afford that right now”

“I can’t find a job”


Independent Contracting Opportunities

Eligibility Exclusively For Those That Complete The Program

With More Planned

Provider Help Desk

Interested in assisting Providers remotely?

From a few hours a week to a dedicated full schedule, Independent Contractors will provide this important service with superior earning potential. 

Medical Coding Coaching

Bring your passion for assisting colleagues of all levels in advancing their knowledge and proficiency. A spectrum of opportunities, schedules, and roles are sure to provide an outlet for the inner Mentor in you.

Cloud Coders

Is production coding your comfort zone? AWESOME! You and your bank account can be as cozy as you wish. Contract on your own or enjoy the advantages of a ready made client base as an Independent Contractor. Either way, don’t strain your back carrying your compensation to the bank.

Rev Cycle Radio

Do you like to talk healthcare? This podcast / internet radio station will give you the opportunity to reach ears and minds across the country and the world. Look out Howard Stern, there are H.I.M. Professionals ready to get Sirius.

Who Doesn't Love A Good Webinar

Creating, Presenting, or just promoting …. a few hours a week can return a sizable income. It is absolutely reasonable to reach 6 figures as an Independent Contractor. Perhaps the lowest time investment option (leaving time to exercise other terrific options) with sensational income returns.

Get Your Holmes Hat On

Time to level the playing field. One of the most unbalanced areas in terms of compensation is auditing. Come find out what you are missing if Auditing is your passion. Finally earn what your skills command.

Coding Scout

You will want to explore this combination of fun, interactive, and lucrative option. Perhaps for a change of pace a few hours a week, or make helping match people to positions a more fervent pursuit. Do good, feel good, make others feel good …. what could be better?

Why the website?

To ensure compliance with IRS and DOL definitions of Independent Contractor and the requirement that an Independent Contractor makes their services available to the general public. The specifics of this are covered in the program. However, the website is not required to take the program.  As indicated by the two pricing options. However, it is required to be an Independent Contractor with the options described. It is also nearly necessary should one work on their own. Thus, we are offering this service as a drastic cost savings to registrants.

Do I need to Incorporate? Form an LLC or other entity?

The formation and structure and how one chooses to operate (Sole Proprietor, DBA, LLC, or other options) is a decision that the individual must make for themselves. We provide information to consider on each structure. We also suggest consulting an accountant, an attorney, or both if not comfortable in making a decision. We cannot and of course do not offer legal or financial advice. However, no decision in that regard is necessary to take part in the learning program.

How long is the program?

Program access is for one year. Access is 24/7 on demand for modules, tools, and resources. Regular LIVE sessions are held for questions and discussion. Additional content is added regularly based on the needs of registrants. There is no “time of completion” requirement. The goal is knowledge, not speed.

What other costs can be expected?

One of the reasons we are offering the website option is to minimize as much, and hopefully any, initial cost or risk of loss. In the program we show tools such as email and other resources that have no start up costs. So, you should not incur any operating costs until …. you are operating and generating positive revenue. The initial offering of $45 with a built and hosted website means that one only needs to generate $46 to be in positive cash flow and we provide options to make this a certainty with minimal effort. The very hardest revenue to make is the first. From there, experience and repetition allow you to build to whatever goals you set.

I'm scared!

PERFECT!!!! You have proven that you are human. We like human!

You have support 365 days a year from other Medical Coders that have achieved success and will guide you every step of the way. 

There is a community in the content system for registrants to communicate and support each other. No sense being scared alone. Right? And, fear will soon transform to confidence. And then to sheer happiness. 

We were scared once too! Not anymore!

I don't have special skills!

First, anything you can do for an employer, you can do for you. You do not need to possess anything more than what you do currently. (Having goals to grow is a positive thing but not required – yet) Jeff Bezos started Amazon by selling used books out of his garage and that seems to have worked out moderately well for him. 

You have more talent and value than you think you do and it is time to release the inner monster.

I need to think about it

See you …. never!

Not to be callous or any other way, but that is what the 99% say. That is another way to say that you will keep dreaming, hoping, wishing, and doing the same thing. 

That is ok. We are here for you if you do decide to turn dreams into reality. Just many others will have a head start and it will cost you more later. That is, if ………..

What makes you qualified to show me?

Well, if you want to learn to be a Chef, then learning from a Chef is a great idea. Want to learn to fly an airplane? Perhaps someone that has flown an airplane would be the right choice.

Is your employer showing you? How about **PC or ***MA?

How often does the opportunity come along that anyone will show you the path to self-determination? Rare!

The letter below is from one of the highest rated health plans in the country. We have helped over 7,000 achieve certification. We don’t know it all. We do know things. A fairly deep body of knowledge. And, look at the initial offer. Certainly we are not going to climb past Jeff, Mark, or Elon or even Bill after he gave away billions. We are interested in your success. And since we have achieved a certain level of that, we are adequately qualified to show you the ropes.

We are not “just” showing. We are offering to do some of the heavy lifting at far below market value. Unlike others, we are not seeking to see the bottom of anyones bank account.

I am not in the United States. Can I take the program?

U.S. citizens may participate from anywhere on the planet. 

Those from foreign nations, you may take the program and certainly we hope that it benefits you. We are not able to offer any revenue options to anyone that does not have proper authorization and status under applicable U.S. law. 

I already have a website

AWESOME! Just sign up for the program only and you are good to go. (As long as the website is not directed to selling auto parts or teletubbies)

Question not answered here?

Open a chat and ask us! 

We LOVE answering questions!

The American Association of Medical Coding Professionals is dedicated to the advocacy of Medical Coding, H.I.M., and Revenue Cycle Professionals in the United States. We encourage awareness and unity. We seek to provide the highest quality resources fairly and with integrity.